Along a drop-off, two advances spaced a hundred meters apart plunge into the blue. Between these "belvederes" the relief forms a kind of circus which plunges down to -50m deep.

The site can be very full of fish, mackerel trevallies in large schools, black triggerfish by the thousands, fusiliers, green turtles and/or nested, hundreds of mauve anthias cover the top of the drop-off, myripristis hide in holes like moray eels. A napoleon is often observed on this site and surprises are possible.

Depth: from -10m to -50m

Accessible from level 1

This is a vertiginous drop-off that starts at 8m and plunges to depths inaccessible to air divers.

The drop-off is marked by a succession of more or less wide faults all punctuated by many infractories.

You can take advantage of the relief by stepping out into the blue, look for the little creatures in the holes or simply savor the ones that come to you.

We often come across several green and/or hawksbill turtles on this site. The top of the wall can be quite fishy at certain times.

Depth: from -8m to -50m

Accessible from level 1

It is a vertiginous drop along which there is an overhang of about thirty meters long which shelters a multitude of yellow gorgonians of impressive diameters.

Depth: from -6m to -50m

Accessible from level 1

Located at a depth of -40m on the fall of the faults, it is a small cave in which you can enter by two maximum.

The interior is lined with myripristis, the bottom with shrimp and almost every hole hides a lobster.

Depth: -40m

Available from level PE40

This is the angle of the pass of the same name which extends over a dizzying drop that starts at -5m and descends to unfathomable depths. The site is very rich. You can observe fish in the blue or look for them in the many crevices and faults that make up this dive.

Depth: from 5m to -50m

Accessible from level 1

At the exit of one of the Tautira passes, a large fault forms at -50m and rises vertically to -10m. A wide variety of fish take shelter there and some find refuge between yellow gorgonians.

Max depth: -50m

Accessible from level 2

This site is an alternation of drop-offs, faults and overhangs which shelter a rich and varied fauna as well as very beautiful corals on the last part of the dive.

Depth: from -6m to -30m

Accessible from level 1