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Exploring the seabed by scuba diving is accessible from the age of 8. No need to be an excellent swimmer, only pregnant women and people who have recently undergone major surgery can dive. If you have any doubts about your physical conditions or ability to perform a baptism, do not hesitate to contact us (87 267 249), we will see it together.

We perform first dives in a protected natural environment. All conditions must be met so that you can marvel in complete safety. Polynesia is the perfect place for this, the lagoons offer calm and protected areas with little depth but lots of fish and corals to observe.

The appointment is fixed at the dive center. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment. A briefing will be given to you so that you can do your baptism in the best conditions, know the few essential diving signs and the safety rules to follow.

We will reach the dive site by boat, allow about 10 minutes of navigation.

You will dive supervised by an experienced instructor. First dives cannot go deeper than 6m but we can very well stay in less depth if necessary (children, stressed people etc)

In Polynesia an instructor can take several beginners at the same time. That said, at Mokarran diving we believe that it is preferable to have only one baptism per instructor.If you are a couple we will take you together underwater but each with an instructor, unless you are particularly comfortable in the water or whether you have already done a baptism in the past

Unlike freediving,in scuba diving we can take all the time necessary to descend under water. You will therefore have no problem unclogging your ears. While it's true that we're not all equal when it comes to ears, the vast majority of people can dive.

The regulations limit baptisms to a maximum depth of 6m.Even if you have already made 10 baptisms, you cannot go deeper without having followed a training course (see level 1).

Contact us by phone at 87 267 249 or send us an email at contact@mokarran-diving.com